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100% Recommended(Work)

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I would 100% recommend “Bluebird Immigration” and the immigration adviser Yuhan Kim to work with!

I was on Working Holiday Visa and my company decided to sponsor me when my visa was going to expire in one month. It was very tricky to be approved in such a short time, so everything should be just perfect, that INZ will not have any more questions. Yuhan did amazing job, he was very picky for collecting all documents. He noticed minor mistakes I would not and let me know how to fix it.

When I had all documents ready, Yuhan applied for my new Work Visa. It was expected to take 10 weeks or more to get the result at that time. During this period I would be holding a visitor visa, so I could stay in NZ but I was not able to work. Unfortunately, I could not be a tourist for such a long period, I asked Yuhan what else we can do?

At this point he did understand my situation and put extra effort to help me. Yuhan wrote a very persuasive letter to INZ to explain my situation, so he did everything from his side what he could do. So, you will not believe but my visa application got approved in one week! It is a miracle considering the period there I had been told before.

I am so appreciated for his hard work and understanding his clients. He is the best! I will definitely work with him again for next step with Residence Visa in my future.

Many thanks!


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